Structure of the BABOK Guide

Structure of the BABOK Guide

BABOK Guide consists mainly of two types of contents: The core content and the extended content. While the former covers the business analysis tasks lined up into knowledge areas, the latter covers the other sections. For more information about the structure of the BABOK Guide the following mind map will serve as a helpful summary: … Read more

Who Does the Business Analysis?

A Business Analyst Is...

According to BABOK Guide, a business analyst can be any person who does the business analysis work. Business analysts explore, synthesize and analyze the information from diverse sources within an enterprise. Investigating and clarifying, they elicite the true stakeholder needs. And also they act a part in arranging the designed and delivered solutions with the … Read more

BABOK (v3) Inside Mind Map

BABOK_V3 Inside Mind Map

BABOK (a.k.a., BABOK Guide), one of the most important publications of IIBA, “International Institute of Business Analysis“. It is the ultimate reference for the ones who are interested in Business Analysis, a discipline of research. BABOK stands for “Business Analysis Body of Knowledge” and it serves as a guide to the activities of this discipline. … Read more