Structure of the BABOK Guide

BABOK Guide consists mainly of two types of contents: The core content and the extended content. While the former covers the business analysis tasks lined up into knowledge areas, the latter covers the other sections.

For more information about the structure of the BABOK Guide the following mind map will serve as a helpful summary:

Structure of the BABOK Guide
Structure of the BABOK Guide

Key concepts ensure a base to understand the main thoughts essential in understanding the BABOK guide.

Knowledge areas symbolize fields of certain business analysis speciality that cover a few tasks.

A task is a seperate piece of work may be done formally or informally as part of business analysis.

Underlying competencies project knowledge, abilities, actions, attributes, and personal standards that help one successfully do the role of the business analyst.

Techniques ensure extra information on ways that a task may be done.

Perspectives are utilized within business analysis work to ensure focus to tasks and techniques certain to the context of the attempt.

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