The Definition of Business Analysis

Business analysis, which can be defined as an application according to BABOK Guide, can be summarized with the following mind map:

The Definition of Business Analysis
The Definition of Business Analysis

In an enterprise, it defines the needs and recommends value delivering solutions that facilitate change.

Business analysis is done on a variety of attempts in an enterprise which can be strategic, tactical and operational. It can be done within a project. It can also be done throughout evolution of an enterprise or continuous improvement. Moreover with business analysis it is also possible to understand the current state, to define the future state and also to determine the activities required to move from current state to future state.

Business analysis can be done from a variety of aspects too like agile, information technology, business intelligence, business architecture and business process management. Through these the work activities analyzed based on the current context. One or more of the aspects can be applicable.

The upcoming article is about who a business analyst is. Until then, hit the other mind maps and get some useful things.

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